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Ryan,  I really want to try to work with you but I can't understand what you do not understand. You have sent me another marketing blip. So they have different paper types, and used with a particular ink it can be archival. This says nothing about what you are selling to me.   YOu must have an idea as to how many ink types that ink company produces...The other artists I am working with have about % of your experience and and they get it and are able to provide me specs.  Why won't you?  This is an opportunity for you to really make some money and get some powerful recognigition - I am spending a grand a month on social media.  You can ride the wave or catch the undertow - it is your call but I am running out of patience.  I think you would be a great addition and we would be a fantastic team but if we can;t speak English...what more can I say.








My go-to (other than the local) Giclee archival print provider was / is "PrintSalon.com." They have been doing this the longest in the US, as archival print producers and they are one of the most popular. I asked them for their specs, and they sent me the above. I am only sending to you, what they send to me.


I am interested in working with you, but I have never had to research archival ink and paper before. I have completed 80 published books successfully, but I am not utilizing print sales, so this is not my versed area at the moment (granted, it's an avenue I would like to pursue).


But I have spent time looking for other providers.


If your other artists have figured it out, why not ask them, or allow me to ask them, who they are using and I will do the same?


There really aren't that many official-looking archival print providers in the US. I found about 15 decent-looking establishments, and most of them are priced far beyond what your initial quote was, from the Ukrainian artist. Many do not offer volume discounts, at least not on their site.


You could also try giving me a hardware, ink and paper combination that you approve of, and I will search that way, if you like?






OK I will work on it. Give me the phone number or your contact for the local one you use and for  print salon or I can just call them directly,  You are quoting size A3 correct?






What city do you live  in? Or some big nearby cities





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