OnDrawnWings 17th july 2017





Yes, please, I very much want to see, or know who is in these scenes, and what they look like, even if I end up not using them.


Good point. For a lot of scenes, focusing on certain members of the group is best. Using a large group makes for a less attractive print-type illustration, imo--but not always though. 'Very much depends on the scene dynamic.


I have one idea that would just focus on the plants.


OK, I will await one more note from you with further description, and then rough sketch ideas will begin.






PS__Frys has determined that the USB 3/3.1 ports WILL NOT function without a motherboard revision...SIGH...So, 2 weeks from now, if MSI agrees, I will very likely have to have the board swapped in. I am CROSSING MY FINGERS that I won't have to re-install Windows and my software for the umpteenth time.



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