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Hi Peeky,


It says that you sent a message with an attachment, but all I see is a note from you saying, "See attached files."


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Greetings Ryan, Did not send anything but glad you wrote as in checking I see my last email did not fly.


In any event, I researched the paper and ink for the better part of an hour. I did not find where the paper or the ink was archival. If I need to pay a little more for archival, I will surely consider that.


However, what ever it is someone tells you, it has to be verifiable and the internet has a number of printers.  you can also go to these two sites to see if papers and inks are archival. The article follows my text. In any event, I need  to know the type, mfg, weight, and description of the paper.  The ink is the same way.  I need specs.  Every ink mfg makes a variety of inks and though parts of the names are similar the other parts are not.


As fas as I am concerned this is the only thing holding us up.  P.S. I never heard of archival being 60 years either.








For photos: HP uses established, independent test labs such as Wilhelm Imaging Research to test ink and photo paper products. HP directly participates with industry standardization bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) , which develop procedures used to test and compare products. When independent testing isn’t possible, or the technology is so advanced that there isn’t an industry standard, HP develops its own set of tests based on extensive experience in photo printing technology and knowledge of how HP customers use photo prints. See Fade Resistance report (DOC 36KB) for more information on photo testing.


Archival Printing with HP Inkjet Printers – Producing prints that meet archival requirements – a technical white paper. Using HP Pigment Inks, HP inkjet printers produce durable prints that are suitable for applications requiring archival properties. Print durability is a key element in HP's ink and printer development programs, and the archival performance of prints made by HP inkjet printers has been certified by independent testing agencies. Learn about inkjet and dry electrophotography technologies, ink components, archival considerations for paper, durability and archival prints, and test methodologies and results.








I can forward this to the print makers?


They say they get these kinds of questions.


Otherwise, I guess I'll have to find another Giclee company.


I'll get back to you when I hear something,






Thanks for hanging in there - but it is in your best interest as you can make more money off these than the art you create.





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