OnDrawnWings 12th july 2017



Hi Peeky,


Thank you for being sympathetic. When my insomnia gets this bad, I just try to go to sleep one hour later each day, until it comes back around, and then I try try try to maintain "normal" for as long as possible.


Yes! You are right. Windows Restore has helped me a few times already. What troubles me is that I often have no idea what went wrong though, so I am having problems actually improving and killing the bugs. I know about 1/2 of what's left is hardware-related, and I doubt MSI is going to fix their USB 3.1 driver issues. Another problem is that my system refuses to cleanly restart. It always hangs at restart. I have even downloaded the Windows Performance Analyzer but I can't see what's doing that.


I attempted to change some language to reflect what you've mentioned...


The clause you asked to be stricken was only ever there to prevent the art from being resold as "Stock" art, which is something I feel strongly about, but I changed the language.


Physical delivery means that some clients want me to burn a bunch of archival DVD-Rs at my expense and time, without pay for it, and mail them, so no worries there since you are not asking for that, as far as I remember. I acknowledge here, and it is acknowledged twice in the contract that you want hard copies of printed revisions, and that your finals are digitally-delivered in various formats.


If this is the final contract, please sign and return, either digitally, or via mail to:


Ryan Durney


Cool! I look forward to working on these. I will happily work on any of them, but the stranger ones, with monsters or way-out stuff sound great.


Thanks, Peeky,




PS__It just so happens that one, I *might* drop my computer back to be looked over, while 2, we might go see my parents this weekend, so I would not be able to begin until Monday at the soonest, most likely, but if you are mailing a check and the contract, then that would work about the same anyway.






Greetings Ryan,


In addition to the contract, I am sending you money as I have your email address.  I have picked out the three creepy weird ones for you.


Two scenes have Firewalkers.  One file has their description. Another file has their description and a scene with three of them fighting. - this scene takes place in a hellish valley. I would hope the scene could capture the desolation and mood of where they are...


Another firewalker scene is where one hovers over Toto and Dorothy and strikes. - this is an upclose scene


The third scene is probably self explanatory but if you have questions as to the scope - holler - it is supposed to be a horrific scene. See what you can do.


I am not sending you jpg samples of the existing characters as those images are shown in the Guru Specs for this gig.













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