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I too suffer from insomnia, Ryan. It really sucks.  With my last artist, he agreed to furnish all drafts with his initials. Getting through the fourth scene was tough as there was friction and I had decided to move on. At that time I asked for all drafts as I had not done so before, but he wanted to pick the best and wanted a lot of money.  So this is why I got so picky with the language.


I have no time or inclination to micro-manage. You will do the work timely and we will work together  or we won't. I too will never ignore you but it often takes me a day or two to put my thoughts together on a draft.  Not being inclined to hold up a project, I will not take longer and if I do, bug me. Perhaps I did not get the email.


On your computer - you can go to your control panel and look for "restore", you can restore to an earlier update in Windows quite easily without losing any data.  We do updates at our office and some make a huge mess.  The process takes about a half hour.  You can also set a restore point on your computer - a date where it is working very well. Then later when it gets buggy you can go back and restore to that point.  I am not software savvy, but this is very easy with lots of internet instructions.


Regarding the agreement, Ryan, my concerns, very few, are as follows:


I would like this  clause removed as it would restrict my rights to sell my book to a publisher or other entertainment driven entity.


Client is forbidden to resell the Work to be used as illustration in another project by a new Client / Third Party / Vender. If Client wishes to make any additional uses of the Work, Client shall seek permission from the Illustrator and pay an additional fee to be agreed upon at that time.


The next two sentences seem to be double billing ad require clarification.


Physical Delivery Materials: (Example: DVD-R Mailing of Final File $XXX  plus shipping.


ions for revisions as follows: Upon full payment, each wave of revised final must be printed (common type of color printing, 8.5 x 11), numbered, dated and signed. $XXX in printing and postage fees, per scene is to be paid to the artist for this


Agreed-Upon Use(s): (Example: Book) - add limited edition prints...


I have three scenes involving the Wizard and sample drawings of the wizard. I will forward these to you along with payment by paypal upon your modification-clarification.









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