Mysterious Facebook (2)

One thing I realized about FB that is driving me crazy is the clutter and confusion on my screen...For example - also in the left column there are lots of little picture tiles. OK - I get that, but why are many of those pictures in my middle column also?  Why is my head shot and cover photo everywhere. I know what I look like.

Beneath the photos were videos. I didn't ask for those, but I can't delete them. Beneath them there were lists of books...some I read and some I didn't. I know what I read, but I could not delete them...but I could hide them and that is what I did! I jumped all around FB "hiding" everything I could hide.  The screen looks better now and I do like some things about it. To the far right there is a list of people.  It posts their frequency on FB. I have concluded that these people would be homeless if they didn't live on FB. They check in every few a person with a nervous twitch - I guess they just can't help it or they are glad not to be homeless.

In closing, I understand FB much better now.

...It is a place for the digitally homeless

...It is a hoarder's paradise - you can accumulate all the stuff in the world and when it finally looks like you will drown in this "stuff", you can hide it!  ...And immediately go back to collecting more.

...Finally, FB may be the future in therapy for Alzheimer's victims. You plant them in front of a touch-screen display, open up their Facebook Page that they created when they were healthy, and viola!


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