Mysterious Facebook.


Facebook has always been mysterious to me and perhaps it will always continue to be. I understand that I need to "connect" and such with "My Community". But who is my community and where do they hide out?  Before I worry with that, I have to understand the mechanics...the methodology and madness to the Facebook layout.

To my left, "it" wants to know where I work. Who is "it" and why does it care. We are not hiring!  Beneath that is a list of fine folks I have never heard of and where they work. Are they trying to impress me? Are they looking for a job discreetly - We are still not hiring.

Further down there are pictures of people. These are my friends! I was pleased to see that I have so many - 119 in fact! Since I am in my sixties and some of my "friends" come from way back when the world was young, like from 1st to 5th grade, I do not recommend them and really have to focus to recall their names. I am not sure why some of these folks are my friends - they do not call me, invite me to dinner, or buy me presents.  Perhaps because I do not call, invite, or buy them presents.  To some that does not matter - they are prompt to remind me with their birthday announcement.  In retrospect, I suppose they are friends in that their announcements are never suggestive of their birthday needs, clothes size, or favorite colors.

I will continue this diatribe soon. My "real" job is demanding my attention and my span is too short to multitask.


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