Moving Forward with Wizard Was Odd Book Cover Art

I will be updating my blog, Character and Scene developement in the near future.  Like this month, near future.  My artist tours Europe during the year and sketches things.... When he returned, he was behind the eight-ball and his efforts were directed elsewhere. (Bigger Clients - I am guessing).


Now he seems to be caught up and we have been working on the book cover for the second in the series. It is called Trail of Tears. Designing a book cover isn't easy.  The art is one thing and I am picky.  Design has to take into account title, author, Trilogy name, ISBN (that is the easy part as it goes on the back). As of today, we are on our second attempt at the art.  I have to approve B/W sketches before a color rendition is created. Then we deal with the lettering, color of the lettering, and font. I am not sure I like the first book font for the second book, but there needs to be at least a fibril of connection between the cover art of all three books.  

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