More Lightning in Wizard - More Layout Discussion Dust Jacket Book One

Greetings Ruslan - see comments


You said that you are open to ideas and thought the same as me. I think it is not a good idea that cheeks should be concave from suction, not chipmunked. It will not show the pressure and will look like a man with a thin face and drawn in cheeks. I'm against it. My concept of the sketch is to show the face of Wizard as part of the disaster. On the previous cover, Wizard's face was part of a tornado and it was a good idea. Now the idea to make the Wizard's head less will not work, because it will look small and not to scale, even comical. It will not be a part of the element and will no expressive image of the background. Either way need to portray Wizard's head big so that it will work. I see one way: increase the cabin not up to the size of the original cover and look for the correct ratio of all objects. OK

As to a payment:

I would like for the first sketch version in a dust jacket format $XX. The next version would require a completely new approach and a new sketch. I will create a new relationship increasing the cabin and changing the proportions of the elements. I estimate working on a new version of the sketch $XX. It will be a completely new composition. OK


I attached another version of "Z" in the form of lightning. Price of working on these versions is $XX. OK, but can we incorporate real lightning as part of the Z - like eminating from it - there is lightning in tornados and such. Google lightning images... I have attached some real lightning. Perhaps it can come from the Z and spread into the picture

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