Monkey Scene, Firewalker, Gobble and Chicken Scene by Anna Sh - 18th September 2017

Sep, 18 Anna Sh


Peeky, please check this one



Sep, 19 Peeky


good afternoon on Anna, I hope all is well! I think this picture pretty much captures what I am looking for! With one caveat... As long as the backside of the lion looks realistic! You're really do a great job with animals so I probably did not need to say this. Please proceed and great job thank you

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 24 Anna Sh


Peeky, thank you!
Please see update - the scene colored (not fully finished, still working on details)




Sep, 24 Anna Sh


I don't like that Toto is lost against the background - will try to find solution to make him more vivid



Sep, 25 Peeky


If you make him blacker that may work.

[Inline image 1]

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 26 Anna Sh


Please find the scene attached



Sep, 26 Peeky


A little late but I hope not too much of a pain...can you show some nuts in the air?  The one monkey close to scarecrow could be pitching a few at Scarecrow; perhaps some other nuts in the act of falling or having landed on the lion and being tossed like Toto with his rising?  Do the best you can and however you think.

I have four or five more scenes to complete the art. I would like you to do them if you have time to get them done by Nov 1.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 27 Anna Sh


Peeky, sure, some nuts in. See attached.

Yes, I think up to 5 scenes are reasonable, I should have enough time in October. Please provide me with at least 2 scenes at a time - that's faster for me to work on several scenes together.




Sep, 27 Peeky


The scene looks good thank you I will get you some descriptions in the next couple days

Expect delays, out of the office,  when responses are sent from my iPhone-



Oct, 2 Peeky


good afternoon Anna, I hope all is well! I have got quite a challenge for you, especially if you're not much of a horror buff. I would like a creature created.  I am attaching two files.  You do not have to do the scene as I am not sure I will go with it, I will pay you twice your character rate as I consider this one to be difficult...  Also, I will be on vacation Oct 3-19 and will be able to check my email but not regularly.  So bill me quickly if I owe you for work before I leave.

Oct, 2 Peeky


Good Luck Anna, I will get you one more.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!



Oct 2 Peeky


good afternoon Anna, this will be my last email. The attached file has 15 pages. it covers the experience of each of the characters as they came before the wizard to make their wish for their request, scarecrow one of the brain, Tin Man wanted a heart, you get the idea. I was thinking of how you combined those wizard memory scenes into one scene. I was wondering if you felt like you could do that effectively with these different scenes? otherwise, if you think you could do a lot better doing for more scenes then you could do that after you do the other three. let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!



Oct 2 Anna Sh


Peeky, got it, I will look at the documents you've sent and get to work!

I will bill you for the monkey concept and monkey scene $XXX and $XXX accordingly, so it's $XXX all together including the Guru fee.

Thank you!



Oct, 3 Anna Sh


Good day Peeky!
Please see the firewalker concept. Sorry for that much sketchiness, I have not cleaned the drawing up to save time - in case I didn't got the basic idea right. Please tell what you think.



Oct, 4 Peeky


morning Anna, I am going to suggest a number of changes to the drawing , but before I do, I want you to know, that the drawing is very close  and is very workable. I submitted it to another artist and after five or six tries, he did not come close. So, you did great and don't let any changes I suggest discourage you.

You will have to meld the creatures body into a shell as it is a human grotesquely melded into some alien creature. You can show stretchy skin  or whatever to attach the human body to its creature like underside. If you look up insects with triangular bodies or carapace, it will give you some idea of body shapes.  The goal is to blend a grotesquely  distorted human with  a creature So the human portion has his backside , legs, neck, head  melted-blended-melded with the underside of a buglike creature.

The creature should have two biceps and thighs, much like a very muscled human and distorted as you like but still they should be recognizable as thighs and biceps.  There will be no forearms or leg parts below the thighs.  From the bicep on each side the forearm should morph into two large long creature legs that no longer look human. The same with the thigh with two limbs that should morph into two large long creature legs that no longer look human.  The biceps and thighs should not extend beyond the creatures shell and need not reach the edge of the shell.

Its eyes should be huge and black and if you want to show one on a twisted long stalk and the other in place or whatever that is fine

I would replace the nose with a proboscis, a long one and sharp, and do something else with the teeth. Take a look at images of weird sharks here is one Weird sharks and focus on the facial expression.

The tail may be OK but its stinger needs to be long and stiff much like a curved sword or the proboscis.

Good luck and good job. I will be traveling and check in as I can. You have other work from me so if I can't get to you for a day or three it is not intentional.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Oct, 5 Anna Sh



Peeky, thank you! I’ll do my best with the firewalker.

Now please see the drawing for Gitchy's Gobble scene




Oct, 6 Anna Sh


Peeky I corrected the firewalker sketch, please tell what you think




Oct, 6 Anna Sh


here is the firewalker


Oct, 10 Anna Sh


And here is the drawing for the chicken scene




Oct, 10 Anna Sh


Before I start the scene with the Chucklers I would like to ask how you see the scene: more like a crowded place with lots of people in the shop or better focus only on our heroes? I would show Dorothy, Jim, William and Toto and, maybe, the shopkeeper or the guardian - I guess that would be enough people for the frame. What do you think?



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