Lion, Toto and Scarecrow Detailing by Anna Sh - 11th September 2017

Sep, 11 Peeky


Greetings Anna, you did a great job. My favorite is the lion he looks so realistic. favor please, I am including some of the text in the passage that you drew your images from. I think it might make a more interesting picture if the lion is coming out of his sleep and Toto is projected awkwardly from the curl from where he slept on the lion. otherwise he is just a fixture kind of standing there. Also the Scarecrow, can you position his body language though that he is laughing perhaps his hands on his knees. I am open to any other body language that might convey his amusement.

I slept like the dead…and awoke to the immense yawn of the Lion. Something hit me on the head and fell beside me. I stared at it stupidly, not quite awake. I did not care and drifted back to sleep. As I closed my eyes, with no consideration of my sleeping arrangements, which was within the curl of the Lion, he roared terribly, sprang to feet, and stared about with blazing eyes. This propelled me into the air and I landed upon my back. Lion sniffed a nut beside him, twitched his tail, and looked about. Now I was awake, unhappily awake. Of all the things that should have popped into my furry head, there was not but one. That was a firm conviction that I would go back to sleeping with Dorothy again.

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Sep, 14 Anna Sh


Peeky, please find attached, I've changed characters' positioning.



Sep, 15 Peeky


The monkeys are fine. To add a bit of energy or interest, can you show the lion springing up and Toto kind of tumbling or getting tossed into the air and struggling to position himself to land on his feet? Thank you for your patience Anna - this one will be a keeper.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 15 Anna Sh


Oh, oh, I see what you mean! Sorry, thinking slow. Sure, I will try to show them more dynamic.


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