Kickstarter by OnDrawnWings - Aug 31 to Sep 2, 2017

Aug, 31 OnDrawnWings


Hi Peeky,

Here it is! I sincerely hope you like it. I am honestly proud of this one. I put a lot of polish time in on it.

It's honestly cover-quality work. It really put me into your story while I was working on it.

Let me know what you think and we'll figure out the next move.

Also, if you are OK with it, I would very much like to show a cropped version of it on Facebook to show some friends or show some followers? I can post any info that you'd like to advertise if you allow me to?




Aug, 31 Peeky


I will check it out this weekend. Help me understand, I thought you're going to have all three done this month. I will never get the kickstarter at 1 a month.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 1 OnDrawnWings


Hi Peeky,

I am happy to go on to the next scene if you are happy with this process.

Book design-wise--maybe the right thing to do would be for me to do one or two per chapter, and then you could mingle in the cartoonier stuff as you saw fit? That's why I started asking about whether or not you had a book designer.

I was nervous about putting in a load of time and butting heads, and I very much need to be paid once the 3 finals are completed (I'm not asking for anymore $ right now, since I have only completed one, of course).

I can definitely finish 2 in September. You are saying that you want to launch the Kickstarter in October, right? I can have my 2 remaining pieces done before Oct 1st if you are sure.

I like your characters and I would like to continue working with you. If you like what you see, and you think I'll be able to go on as I have with my process, then I'd be happy to continue and finish the next phase of the creepy plants in Bantam Village. Are you sure about the 3rd piece? If my work is also going to need to get you Kickstarter love and $, then we need a piece that really gets attention. Otherwise, I don't mind working on the horror piece of Toto getting attacked (still your 3rd choice, right?). I love horror but you might need something cute, too, for attention's sake.

Ultimately, if you really like this work, what I would love is a big enough order for pieces that I could take 2 months and do all of them in a row.

Kind regards,



Sep, 1 OnDrawnWings


PS__If we're good with this piece, I can most likely have the next one completely done 1/3 through Sept., say, the 9th?



Sep, 1 Peeky


Good Morning Ryan, The finished scene looks fantastic...not being an artist, I am unable to use the proper terminology. The lighting, shades of coloring, details, bold stance of the lion...fantastic.  I am glad I kept my opinions to myself.  And Dorothy is fine.  Thank you...a big thank you.

The remaining scenes in our agreement are the two horror scenes with the spider like bugs, not another valley scene. Perhaps if my timing and your availability changes, you can do another valley scene and also do a nice fun scene that you are referencing. However, I want you to do the horror scenes and here is why...

You have the experience to do horror and the others do not.  Your brain works differently than theirs.  Ruslan if you check out his website does amazing work, but his best stuff is Romanesque, angels, not demons...

So, I singled these out for you and it was surely the right decision based on the art you created in your last scene...

I have no one to lay out the book other than the publishing company I am working with.  So I would consider that but I want your focus to be on the art. I would also like to work out something with you for the next book, but I understand that will be contingent upon where you are with other clients.

Great Job and looking forward to what you will come up with next

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 2 OnDrawnWings


Thank you, Peeky,

And thanks for understanding that, this level of care came at a time cost for the first one, especially.  Well, that, and the technical issues that were haunting me all this year. I had 0 technical issues with my last computer for almost 6 years straight. I guess we all pay the price eventually. I've been relatively stable for 3 weeks.

But the first piece in a series is always the hardest. Once you see what I do, and I see what hits the mark for you, then we are primed to finish a lot more, if you want them in the future.

I'm glad I asked because I was under the impression that we were going to pursue the other Bantam Village scene atm. I will tuck that one away and get onto the other 2 that you originally wanted. I understand about the creepier stuff. I grew up with an appreciation for horror from my grandparents, haha. My grandmother collected 80's horror movies on Beta-Max and we watched them all together, while my Pap liked monster movies and Godzilla on Sunday afternoons.

What week roundabout were you thinking of launching the KS?


PS__I would like to show a crop of this image to friends and family on FB if that's OK? (I know I have the right to keep it in my portfolio, but is it OK if I show a crop teaser? (I promise I will show it properly when you launch the KS.)

PSS__**Be careful with publishing companies who are crooked. Throughout my time doing this, I came across 2 who had ensnared independent authors with big ideas, when, in fact, all they were doing was putting their logo / notice / mark on the book at the end, so as to have a stake of ownership. They weren't following through on promises of marketing, etc. It was a scam, in short, and we weeded them out. My advice is that you use Amazon for production and fulfillment, and then hire out to a small nearby marketing team that you can meet with.



Sep, 2 Peeky


You can show the art anywhere and anyway. If you can put in a plug for the website and the blog on the website "a brick at a time", That would be great.  You have the opportunity to add your bio to the artist tab - the Wizard Was Odd Squad.

My parents read pulp and my mother's favorite was weird tales.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!



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