I Thought Everyone Is a Social Media Expert...


So far I have gotten five responses. None of the responders took me up on my $100 offer. I wasn't trying to be cheap or scarf their knowledge, I just wanted some idea of what they would do. Four of the five responses hand no explanation of what they would do, but assured me with great conviction that they could do the job and for me to select anyone else would be foolish.

One person from Peru applied because she was an English Teacher. Delete

Another from South Africa, asked me how he could help. I responded..."apparently you did not have the time to read my specifications." Delete

One person had an extensive internet presence, but all of his experience had to do with promoting himself, his ventures, his literature, etc. Plus he was American - which always makes communication better. However, he was unable to quantify the services he would provide. I thought to myself...this is like a blind doctor doing exploratory surgery. Delete

I settled on the number 1 Guru recommended person/company based upon their rating system (the previous guy was #2). I selected him not because of his rating, but because he was able to quantify the services he would help me on with respect to Twitter, FB, and Instagram. Furthermore, he had extensive jobs under his belt and his reviews came in well. Time will tell!



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