I Am Still Not Happy...

Greetings Ruslan,

My comments follow. Also note the attachment - the original cover.

1. I like the Original Wizard's facial expression and beard, but you need not waste time on it here while drafting.

2. Cheeks should be concave from suction, not chipmonked. Same, waste no time - perfect this in final rendering

3. In the completed product, I like to see the texture/character of the tornado as in the original, but you need not waste time in your drafts on it.

4. The cabin needs to be prominent. Like in the original. In the new sketch, you have all kind of room between the cabin at the bottom and the head at the top.

5. The cabin can be anywhere in the tornado to make this work.

6. The head has to be smaller and can be moved into the upper left corner

7. The tornado can twist around the cabin, or extend below it.

8. I would like to see the cabin almost the same size as in the original.

9. You are likely clever enough to figure out how to use the original cover Wizard face and all you might change a bit is the lips.

Good luck - we are getting there.

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