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Reviewed Translation Submissions by Applicants

Over a dozen people have submitted estimates which ranged between $500.00 - $14,000.00.  The higher priced estimates utilize a per word fee of $.05-.07.  I came up with a shortlist of six translators. The companies with higher fees were eliminated because I did not feel that I would be getting any better service by paying more. The other reason for eliminating many, including these companies is that these translation firms did not reference authors or fantasy/humor translations as part of their repertoire.

I eliminated others that provided resumes with misspelled words and grammatical errors. I informed them however, that they may wish to engage the services of a translator to help them with their resume and sales pitch. Ultimately, my short list has become comprised of individuals rather than companies. These folks had strong translation experience and many have worked in the publishing industry.  Their experience appeared to be more on-point. Their fees ranged between $500.00 and $6,000.00.

I submitted additional questions  to the short list...to make it shorter, but will not make a decision until I do a good deal more investigating. My concerns are two-fold.  How do I judge whether a technical/industrial/instructional translator will be proficient in the translation of a tongue and cheek fantasy?  Second, since I only know about six words in Spanish, (ten if I include Maria, Diego, Carlos, and Miguel), how will I check the work of the translator - for accuracy and translation of humor.

I will ponder the matter when I get closer to production and will hopefully my readers will offer advice. It seems I will have to engage the services of two or three of these folks to ensure the best possible translation.

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