Help! is not enough

Lynda dot com has always been my online go-to when it comes to learning how to do something that the manual does not explain...which is pretty much everything. When software and devices are labeled "intuitive", I know that means I will be spending time on line learning. In fact,  if it has anything to do with photography, software, or technology, I am knocking at her door.  

Over the years, I have used this service for learning aspects of Word, Power Point, Photoshop-CS4, Ipads, Iphones, Google Drive, and the list goes on.  So it makes sense that I would turn to this service first to better understand FB, Twitter, and Instagram. For days, I did just that. I jumped between online tutorials, marketing tips, and "How To Rock Social Media". In the end, I had a much better understanding of those platforms and I walked away knowing that if left up to me, I would NOT be rocking social media and furthermore, if I wanted my Social Media platform to work well, then I needed to pay someone to do it.

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