Floating or Flying...who would have thunk...

  • Hello Bob
  • In my sketch jumberellos move along the axis in the direction from left to right. If you need such a concept you should say before that the jellyfish have to move like balloons on a curve up, roughly speaking sideways. Please let me know if you need such moving. They would rather hang in the air, rather than swim and move vertically. A lot of words that can be interpreted in different ways. It would be nice if you could send the example till working on the sketch.
  • Thanks.




There is no some frustration. All is normally. I just wanted to clarify regarding jumberello movement. It is very important. Please see the attached sample and write how do you see them in the movement? The first version is made on the basis of your last sample. This position in space will really slow down

the movement. I need to know which version you prefer. Please see the sample attached.



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