First Book Cover Needs Redo

FYI - Once the book is ready to market, it needs a thumbnail image that will attract readers attention.I did the first book in sepia and BW for that purpose. When I scanned countless thumbnails of book covers I saw a color sensory overload. There were very few books in all BW and none in Sepia. Now with the second book having a cover dust jacket, it makes the first book seem kind of ho-hum. So I want to get a color version.


Dear Ruslan

The art looks great. Thank you. The words may also be fine. Please bill me. I may change them later. Also I would still like to incorporate lightning into the Z of Wizard, but you can work on that later or in the assignment below. In Trail of Tears, the word Wizard on the spine of the cover is not prominent and lightning would have no effect.


Changing subjects.


Two things, I want to redo the cover of the first book. One thought is to make it in color - I know that will not be much more $$$ and I would appreciate seeing it with your ideas. I do not have many coloring ideas as a storm is bleak, dark, grey...which does not have much color. It may be a place to include lightning in the letter Z of the word Wizard


The second idea is to redo the cover image. Please see the attached image. Check out the upper left corner of the image. In the new cover - that would be the face of the wizard. The tornado would come from his mouth with his cheeks blown out or would still use the cabin with Toto in it, and you would have to figure out where to preposition it. The devastation on the ground that you drew is fine. Also, I need it in a dust jacket format...

Your thoughts...

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