Firewalker Bugs Sketching Part 2 by OnDrawnWings - 19th September 2017

Sep, 19 OnDrawnWings



Here I tried some 8-legged (and one has two fangs) variations. 8 legs is so much more manageable, if you were willing to change from 12.

I included the reference for the spiny stick insect for the one, because I really like the notion of reversing its body and twisting the face beneath. 'VERY ALIEN and it fills me with dread to imagine seeing a face on that one.

The other is a take on your comment about a lizard running on two legs. It has the front gasping arms of a whip scorpion.

Surely you can mix and match and figure out which could be taken to final?

If we can't resolve this immediately, I'm afraid I cannot finish these before the end of the month. I had hoped my effort on the first image would prove my abilities to you. I just need you to trust me that it will be awesome.






Sep, 21 OnDrawnWings



I haven't heard back for a while.

Can I get you to choose some kind of amalgamation from all of the firewalker sketches and then I can proceed?

There has been considerable time lapsing between our notes, here. The "end of the month" deadline is probably not feasible, since I am stuck on sketch concepts still.

If you can just choose an amalgamation of what's working, and direct on specifically what's not working, then I can hopefully move forward.




Sep, 21 Peeky


I understand.  I will draw something crude tomorrow and shoot it over to you. No later than Friday.  

Would you prefer another concept?  It would be Toto in a state of delirium - a deep coma - when Toto was balancing between life and death that occurred when  Toto was bitten by the creature in what would have been your second drawing.  The scene is nebulous and somewhat nightmarish and ever so mournful with a strong sense of Isolation.



Sep, 21 OnDrawnWings


No, I really prefer these two scenes,

I really want to knock them out of the park, and I know I can.

I also like some of the creatures I designed, heheh, and I would like to take one of them into final work, but I need you to get us there since you don't like them.

I read your story bits honestly 14 times, and I feel like I've drawn what you described--"centipede-like body" and thin spider-like legs, etc.

*Please do try to draw me what's in your head, and I want to work with that.

I suspect though, that maybe if I had taken some of my initial designs into the next stage, you might have felt differently about them?

Anyway--Good! This sounds like a plan,
I eagerly await your sketches so we can get there,



Sep, 22 Peeky


Here u go...this is the best I can do…



Sep, 23 OnDrawnWings



That does help, a lot.

I'll give this another try--should be ready Sunday night or so.

Thank you for the detailed explanation of what you want with these.

Btw, I saw the new "IT" and really liked it. I recently re-read the book, too.




Sep, 23 Peeky


Thank you...looking forward to "it" and after your first piece hope u can come close

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 28 OnDrawnWings


See attached files(s)

Hi Peeky,

Here is a rough of the gully piece. In the final, I will sort Toto's posture out...He is ready to spring.

The monster was injured, so it's using some legs to shield its vulnerable face a bit. This will actually be a cool horror device for lighting--very classic.

If you can please greenlight this, then I can start working on the finals. I feel confident about moving forward.

Thanks, Peeky,




Sep, 30 Peeky


Dear Ryan, I am sorry to see that you still do not get it. Brain wash yourself if that is what it takes to get that bug out of your head. I do not want any part of your bug.

Please go back and read what I wrote...and create what I described. Your creature hardly looks like a human much less a terribly distorted human. Its face  is not any thing like my description and its limbs do not follow my explanation.

To get that bug out of your head, use a shape like one of these bugs...Triangular and unusual bodies

Please read what I wrote and give me that. I did not ask for a tail...or a tiny short nose.  A brittle stinger that folds under and a nasal proboscis that looks like a weapon and not a decoration. bugs with long proboscis

I am leaving for a cruise on Weds and will not return until the 21 of October. Please try to have me something like what i described before Weds or you alone will be holding up my Kickstarter project.  My one artist has done six images and the other three the way this is going it looks like I will only have one of yours to show off

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 30 OnDrawnWings


I disagree,

I have followed your suggestions every step of the way, The first two, I admit, I was doing what I had imagined, but since then, you have described:

"A creature like a running lizard
A creature that suddenly had emphasis on a pointed nose
A creature that had two fangs, then one
A creature who YOUR VERY CHARACTERS call fire BUGS but is now "not an insect"
A creature whose number of legs is up for interpretation, but evidently nothing else is,
A creature which had no eyes on its upper part, until it did
A creature which suddenly resembles a muscular man...(?!)
A creature which DID have a stinger "from the penis area" (THAT is exactly what you wrote, and against my better judgement, that is what I created)"

This creature isn't sound. It is mercurial. Let's flip this around for a sec:

Me: "Hey Peeky--draw me a sun that's not a sun."

Peeky: "Well, ok, what does it look like, then?"

Me: "Well, it's bright yellow, burning, in the sky, with flame licks and it shines light."

Peeky: "Hmmmmm."


A camel is a horse created by committee. This creature is not a solid thing in your mind (even in the writing!) and now I am paying with my time.

I have been doing this since 1998 professionally, and I am telling you, this isn't how this works. I AM THE ONE, who has been patient. I do not do a dozen sketches while you throw darts at what your mind's spinning dial lands on each week. It keeps shifting! I am not getting paid to draw until your "gut" tells you it's right. I tell you it's right, and you need to go with it, and trust the art like I have to trust your story. That is what a respectful author-to-artist relationship is about.

I gave your fist final due LOVE and attention, even though I had feared you would be a troublesome client. I *thought* we had reached simpatico after that. That you knew I was good at what I did, and you would let me do what I do, so the art would be good. But you seem way more invested in hindering an artist, and using up their time, than letting me do my job. The $ isn't worth the time and aggravation. You do realize, past a couple sketches, it's a lack of respect, each time you halt my progress on the art? That is costing me time, which is my schedule and my bill-paying money.

Peeky, I live off of the funds I make, doing this (no day job ever!). It's simple: If a client is running me in circles, I have no choice but to move on to the next client, who is paying me and trusting me to do my job. That is my part of why we are late. I did 6 creature roughs and the return comments were coming in very slowly from you, and the edicts were shifting each time. The strange obsession you have of me extracting what is obviously FOGGY in your head, and being slow to reject the sketches.

Alright, so, what I am saying is, it isn't possible to hit this mark that you are constantly changing. I am the right guy to have gotten horror done right, but I can't keep sketching "a bug that's not a bug, that's called a firebug." (that has EVERY characteristic of a BUG ~ chitin, legs, centipede body, ETC.)

This is not normal.

How do you want to move on from this?




Oct, 1 Peeky


How about if i get someone to draw it and you do the scenes. I know you are a good artist.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Oct, 1 OnDrawnWings



I mean, it's a first, but...alright. If you can let me interpret this sketch the way that I see it translating into my style (which will match the world shown in my first final) then sure.

As long as we understand that.

Let's try this.




Oct, 1 Peeky


OK I have not asked anyone...but will get on it

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Oct, 1 OnDrawnWings


Hopefully, before you leave.

What 3 destinations are you doing?

I've taken some from Galveston.




Oct, 1 Peeky


It is a river cruise on danube. Can’t recall the countries. They all have odd names.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!



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