Firewalker Bugs Sketching by OnDrawnWings - 11th September 2017

Sep, 11 Peeky


Looking forward to it!

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!





Sep, 11 OnDrawnWings


Hi Peeky,

I'm a little hung up on the monster bugs. I am going to send you rough sketches tonight to get comments before the advanced sketches again.

We can still finish 2 pieces before the end of the month without rushing.

Kind regards,




Sep, 11 OnDrawnWings


Can I please get some comments / approval on the rough Firewalker sketch before the real scene sketches?

Also, a couple questions:

On the coloring--Black metallic sheen on the faces and leglike appendages, and then maybe shiny beetle-black shell? So, almost like a Field Cricket in pallete. I think that's what you described, correct?

And then they look washed out when they are dead.

Sizes range from dog-sized to pretty big, right?






Sep, 13 Peeky


I will think about it. Perhaps you can focus on the other parts of the scenes.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 13 OnDrawnWings



I will.

The creatures are the lynchpin, of course. Once we get those nailed down, it will be like pulling a cork out of a bottle.




Sep, 14 Peeky


good evening Ryan, please see the attached file it has information that should help you.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 14 OnDrawnWings


OK, I will take another swing at it tomorrow.




Sep, 15 OnDrawnWings


Hi Peeky,

I've got two more creature designs here.

The two ladies who were present really got creeped out by the one that looks like a cave cricket (the one marked ".2D").

That one has my vote.

The 12 legs are pretty hard to manage. I used the idea of the single, bulbous "fang" from the mouth.

I like the advent of the vacant eyes on these.

Lemme know if I can develop and move forward,





Sep, 15 Peeky


Nice try Ryan, I think if you focus on the text that I have colored in my previous description, it will come together quite quickly. in order for me to approve the Firewalker, I am going to have to see a focus on the underside. That is where the horror is. In one scene the Firewalker is hovering over Toto and Dorothy looking down at them. here you would have that monstrous face, the thigh portions of the legs and four arms from which the spidery arms pretty rude protrude. I agree 12 legs is probably too many, but maybe not when the creatures rear up to fight, but it is up to you and so I will adjust the text to match your drawing.

In the other scene, two Firewalkers have reared up and are fighting while one Firewalker circles, or even better is if you can do one of the scenes where they're actually feeding on the littleFirewalker, then only one bug would be reared up. That is where the focus is going to be when people look at the image. They will see you this monstrous face, arm and leg like qualities on the underside from which the spider legs protrude. They will notice the singular fang which really makes sense if it comes folds down from the upper side of the mouth rather than lower side as it is. I suggest that you save the ink and art and just give it a clean dark black shell with patches of faint red glow and leave the bug like plating and scales off.

I also suggest you stop thinking of them as insects - this may help change your perspective. Good Luck Phelps with this IM Mission....

Images of lizards on hind legs

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 16 OnDrawnWings


I'll try it but I think it's a mistake, for the record, to head toward anything "lizard like," even if you only mean the way they move their rear "thighs."

These lines: "with armor plated centipede bodies "


"the back six of their twelve long black spider-like legs supported the weight of their bodies. The remaining six limbs protected their tender undersides, nightmarish faces, and cold black eyes"

--fairly rule over the drawings, and probably make my last sketch (with the thinner legs) the most correct.

You said to find the horror, and I am quite certain that the horror is in the blend of a human and a bug. The story parts (which I do read repeatedly and keep next to me as I sketch) refer to them as bugs more than anything else. I don't think you should alter your story--just allow me some of my interpretation.

One of the problems is that if the face is hidden/protected and pointing downwards while they charge or move about, then how would they see? Should there be small eye dots along the upper shell (like a caterpillar's true eyes) so as to make the underside eyes mostly blind?

All bug shells are chitin--even their flexible undersides are a chitin (flexible cuticle matrix). The cool aspect of rendering will be the translucent patches of lava-like heat beneath...As for that glowing FX--that can only be shown in the final so don't look for that in the sketch.

I'll do a couple more, but I won't throw darts. At some point, I want you to choose aspects that work to mix and match, and I will need to move on.



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