Finally - I Selected Book Publisher


Yesterday I got a quote from Book Masters, Tim Leonhart. It was very palatable.  I spoke with Karen (SmallButMighty Publishing) the night before. She called from Australia to cover some details. I like Karen and she provided the most responsive service and I thought I would be going with her until Tim's quote came in yesterday. Colorwise really provided the fastest service, but their prices were extreme and they did not seem to really understand  how I wanted to differentiate the publications.  Wert was useless. How they stay in business I will never know. I got three apologies over two months..."What did you want?  Sorry, how many pages?  What was book three? I got so frustrated that I emailed her back and said "I have no idea what you are talking about, quit emailing and give me a call." She never did.


In any event, I will have three tiers. The first: Paperback - both books combined into one publication.


Middle tier: Two printed volumes in black with Kid embossing, foil stamped book, and dust jackets. These will be very nice...


Top of the Line: Two volumes, richly covered, embossed, with a special edition dust jacket.  Maps will be printed on the inside covers and these volumes will be signed limited editions.

Now to firm up the prices and I can move on.

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