FINALLY - Approved the Final Pencil Draft of Toto's Tale, Book One.

Dear Ruslan,

I agree to pay. Is there a way we can make Toto bigger. The first cover made it clear a dog was in the window. In this illustration, it could be an ant. How about if you push the cabin to the forefront - closer to the reader. The cabin and Tornado would be primary. The wizard can be distinct but further behind - back a bit in the distance. Toto has got to be more prominent. I am paying you now, but we are not quite done with this draft. You are clever enough to make this work. In the original, the Wizard is not smaller, but looks smaller because he is farther back in the tornado. In the original, the portion of the tornado above the wizard's head and leading to the cabin - gives one the sense that that part of the storm from the head of the Wizard to the cabin had moved forward to the forefront.


Look at the base of the tornado in the original. From the base to the face of the wizard, the tornado is further in distance, yet it is all in perspective, balance, and realistic. I am including the made it happen can do it here.

When we get to words save this for the cover...The Wizard Was Odd Trilogy...Toto's Tale.



See! You could do it and it looks great!  Please add the cow and boy at the bottom as you did in the orig. If possible, the boy holding the cows tail in one hand and a milk stool in the other hand.  I know it will be small.  Once we get this version in color, I would like to work out the book cover text - you may have to change from time to time and I know that will not be free, and I would like the main image or front cover image as a separate cut. 

Excellent job, Ruslan. Can't wait to see the color.

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