Draft of Wolf Scene Part 2 - Anna Sh


Ok, I will likely bill half a price for the scene I sent as I struggled a bit with the composition and that took time. But let's first discuss the scene as you see it, so I can fully understand what you need, cos it seems the scene looks different in my head.

First of all, can you sent me a reference of what you mean by cave-like amphitheater? Because I can think of several types of landscapes that match the description. It would really help if you could show me the type of caves you think about.

The Dawn - in my plan the lighting and coloring supposed to be something like on the referenced pics (see attached), it's just difficult to represent in sketch. Was it the right thinking? Or the rising sun should be from the other side, so we actually do not see the sun, only it's light on the scene from foreground?

Did I understand it right now - !and that is very important! - the characters face us and the rising sun is behind their backs, while approaching three wolves are standing their backs to the camera?

Who exactly should be on the scene (except wolves) - Toto, Manticore, Jim. I believe Dorothy as well. But is there also Tee (remember, I have very vague idea who he is)? 

About "landscape scene with a lot of territory". Well, that's how I tried to do it from the beginning, but didn't like it for several reasons:

- first of all, as I understand from the text that going to be on the image, the illustration is about actions of Manticore and Toto, who kinda stand up to the wolves. The problem here is that Toto is so small, that if we zoom out to show the landscape, Toto appears to be hardly indentifyable there among other large characters. I hate this because I feel like the whole scene is about him.

- when I zoom out to show the scene in general, it looses the "spookiness" of the moment as we are not into the scene, but looking from aside if you understand what I mean. Though this issue I can try to fix with dramatic lighting or something.

Still, if you want it to be broader landscape, not close up, I will definitely try to do my best.

Manticore is iron, got it.

I will start the Wizard Memory scene so far to work parallel on both.





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