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wow! And this is excellent on this is excellent! now, do not beat me with a stick. I did not present this seem well to you. I would like you to bill me for your work thus far. we may go back to the scene, but probably not, which is my fault, which is why I want to pay you for what you have done. Now I am going to tell you how I want the scene laid out.


It takes place at Dawn. Toto and Jim and T are sleeping in a big cave like Amphitheater it has Ledges and crevices and multi-dimensional Rock structures where you can place wolves. Toto awakens and Dawn is just peeping Over the Horizon. Toto Sees glowing eyes on the various ledges and structures within this cave-like amphitheater. Parts of this setting will be dark as the sun's rays have not reached the wolves - these wolves - perhaps only their eyes will show. Others, could be a a faint outline while those getting more sunlight will have more substance. Now note the text from the scene. Somehow I left out a key paragraph. Read below and you will see a large wolf walking ahead of the other three. This could be at the entry of the amphitheatre. and well lite by sun...the manticore should be larger than the wolf and the head wolf larger than the other two. This should be a landscape scene with a lot of territory rather than the close up that it is now.


Recall - the one side of the amphitheatre is open air where they landed and this wide area is behind them and where the sun is providing light. The cave-like amphitheater surrounds them and the three wolves approach from an entry into the amphitheater.


You did a fine job on the characters and wolves - better than fine so I know this will be fantastic. Sorry again - bill me.


Details of the scene That night we slept beneath rock ledges. It just felt safer. As my eyes popped open at first light, I was greeted by the fiery horizon far to the east. I stood, shook out the kinks, stretched, and froze. Everywhere in this great amphitheater of staggering cliffs, pocks, and pockets, pairs of eyes glowed. Countless eyes, wide and unblinking stared at me. Golden and red, they drew their color from the light of the rising sun. 

Nudging Jim, “Hush,” I whispered sharply as he moved to stretch. “Do not move.” 

Jim had good sense and looked about slowly and cautiously. “Mother of Pearl, what in the name of Hades is sett’n its eyes upon us,” he whispered. 

Tee heard us, and then Dorothy. Dorothy sat up abruptly and said, “What are they?” 

As if staged, the scudding clouds that blocked the new day sun, stepped aside, unveiling the owners of those onerous eyes. Each set belonged to a wolf. From dark corners, shadowy ledges, and obscure pocks and pockets, big dark wolves surrounded us and the gorge behind us, cut us off from any possible retreat. I sat before my trembling legs collapsed from fear. 

Dorothy gasped. Three great wolves approached slowly. The center one walked six hands ahead of the other two that flanked it. As they approached us boldly and in silent grace, my life raced before my eyes. Jack was at least two clicks out and we had no way to reach him. Therefore, we must choose between jumping into the Gorge or being ripped to pieces and eaten alive. With moistened eyes, I turned to Dorothy. How I loved her, her smile, bright brown eyes, and I wondered why the Kiss of the Northern Witch did not glow.


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