Designing the Cover

Bob Moyer

Greetings Ruslan, In working out the layout I used this font because I did not have your font. Here is the pic that the publisher likes and so I guess you can squeeze the Z in here with the lightning. I am cc you with the publisher's name Tim. If you have any questions. I do not want you wasting your time.



Tim, Ruslan is the artist that created the image. He also designed a Z for Wizard text with lightning coming out of it. That I wanted him to incorporate into my covers. I think I forwarded that to you. If there is anything you want or need, I appreciate your time and want neither of you to waste it. Feel free to communicate. There will be more text filling the inside Jacket and back and I am not sure which one of you puts that there. ----------


From Printer Publisher: Tim Leonhart > Date: Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 11:20 AM Subject: RE: Wizard Images and fodder for jacket To: Bob Moyer > Bob Here is the one I like and I have also showed it to the head of our Christian division and he agrees Tim

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