Busy Monday


Worked on limited Edition Books - Bob Larkin and I discussed the numbers and styles of books that I will offer as rewards on Kickstarter. There will be paperbacks, hard covers of some composition with cloth or some other covering and a third - I was opting for leather, however, he said it could run as much as $50 per book and there will be two books...


Working out the costs are very difficult because it depends upon minimum orders and I have no idea how many of each I will need to order.  Then there are shipping costs - and unloading costs...(do I have a warehouse with forklift? I am certain I have a fork as we eat in a lot...but we have no warehouse, but I will look around back for one anyway. Perhaps it is hidden behind a bush.)


Each publisher has asked about the number of pages... This is their business so I give them the word count and on 11 x 8.5 paper, double-spaced, both in total come to 610 pages. However, that is not good enough and none of them know how to translate word count to page count for a 9 x 6... 


Thank God for the internet...I looked up Harry Potter books, got the word count for each and in another section I got the page count for each and after doing a bit of math, I came up with between 250-260 words per page...so each book is going to be over 400 pages. Furthermore, each will be bumped up by the graphic scenes.  

As an afterthought, Bob did say that  he will quote me full color on my images.

Last week I checked in with another company Wert Bookbinders. I will listen to what they have to say once I review their quotes. I have one or two others and after these two companies quote me, I will be done with my costing estimates for books.



Ruslan must be working on another project. It has taken him five days to bill me for the completion of the Dalailama. He promises me some color images soon. He asked that I send him some descriptions that I might like to see incorporated. This information is posted or will be on Artist


Finished up my home page. I spent well over an hour on it only to find out that it did not post. The window I was using had expired. I quickly returned to it and after a half hour had it almost as good as what it would have been and sufficient to move on. I hate to review it today. It seems I always find a need to change it.



Posted a job on Guru - Translation from English to Spanish for the series




Pondered again...my coined word, "Oziian".


The word Oziian is not copyrighted, however, I have sufficient proof that I coined the term and its spelling is unique. Also the URL Oziian.com is available; I considered alternative spellings.
These other URL's are not taken.  
The purpose of adopting one or more is so that the online use of these words will eventually lead to our website.
Done for the day!

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