Behind in my reading...

Yesterday, I poked around I felt many books and so little time...

Today, I feel better. Having reviewed the list below and their remarkable book covers, I am pleased to report that in the top 30, I have seen at least three of these novels at the movies! Perhaps by the end of the month I will have time to review the entire list.


The Top 100 Young Adult Books of All Time



Posted in Goodreads by Jade on September 10, 2015

It's September and to get you in the book-loving, back-to-school mood, we've gone through thousands of Young Adult books to come up with this list of the Top 100 YA Books of all time.

These aren't books that your teachers told you to read. (Though there are a few of those in here, too!) No, this list is the Top 100 YA Books as determined by you, the Goodreads members who truly love YA literature. And it's not just a popularity contest. Every single one of these books also has a rating of 4.0 or above, so whether you're a dystopia die-hard who re-reads The Hunger Games every year or a lover of contemporary tales like The Fault in their Stars, take a look at the Top 100 YA Books to be reminded of old favorites and to discover great new recommendations.

How many have you read? Take a look at the list on Listopia.

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