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Wow!  Time - she surely does fly!

On the last bit of art, there was (from my perspective) a good bit of tension between me and my artist. Then we had differing understandings about his relinquishing draft I decided to look for another artist or two to work with on the remaining dozen scenes and therefore turned to Guru to reach out universally to artists...


In summary, I am currently working with two new (to me) artists and Ruslan, seeing my posting in Guru, approached me about us working together.  He agreed to the terms that I provided to the other artists and so he is actively working away, effective a couple of days ago until mid-August when he has another large project that he forewarned me about.


In the days that follow, I will update the blog with timely communication and drafts from all artists.  Upon the completion of the art, I will launch my Kickstarter platform.



You will be crafting scenes from an unpublished commemorative trilogy, "The Wizard Was Odd", a Wizard of Oz series written from a unique perspective, Toto's! A multidimensional plot-twister w updated cast of wondrous, quirky misfits.


Summary of "The Wizard Was Odd"

Toto's Tale, book one of The Wizard Was Odd trilogy bridges Baum’s original Wonderful Wizard of Oz written in year 1900 to the 21st century reader with a cast of new and updated characters. Often bizarre and always unique, their personalities have depth and a complexity in tune with our times.

The story line, situations, and characters’ relationships, though off-world, are real-world with complicated plots, unexpected twists, subtle romance..., mystery, lots of wonders, and some serious magic. Book one, Toto's Tale, loosely follows Baum’s yellow brick road to the Emerald City. However, not all yellow brick roads are the same. With larcenous literary and artistic license, copious wit, and tongue-in-cheek humor, Toto’s version will appeal to older readers, in addition to the original 19th century prequel written for the middle grade reader.


The Assignment

To date, the covers for Book One, "Toto's Tale"  and Book Two, "Trail of Tears" (Book Three has not been written) have been designed and are included as attachments. Furthermore, five of the sixteen scenes have been completed (also attached). You have the opportunity to provide a proposal for at least eleven additional scenes that remain to be crafted. The scenes that you will provide proposals for will require your incorporating some of the existing characters (images attached) and crafting several new characters. I prefer to work with no more than two artists on the remaining images.

Since I can't even draw a stick figure, I have used this technique to communicate with my artists thus far. I provide a few pages from the manuscript that describes the scene I want them to craft. If the first draft needs tweaking (in my opinion),  I often rely on images from the internet to show the types of facial expressions, posture, and pretty much anything that I can't seem to describe with words.  (As a matter of information, the scene and character art has been crafted by a Ukrainian artist. We communicate by email as it is his preference. I have no problem communicating by phone also.) 

I intend to include the scenes that you draft in the first two books of the trilogy, both digitally (epub) and printed.  You will be paid promptly each time you complete a scene. I have worked with my last artist for nearly three years and my Guru record will verify my history of prompt payment.

The scenes will be also offered as limited edition prints if I am successful meeting my monetary goal through a fundraiser utilizing Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a platform where one can go for help from the public to raise money for various projects. My project is printing the first two books of the trilogy. To clarify, your fee will not be dependent upon my Kickstarter success. However if Kickstarter fundraiser is a success, you will have an opportunity to make additional revenue by printing, numbering, and signing your scenes as limited edition art.

My current artist agreed as follows: 

My proposal on prints with my signature on paper A3 + Matte Canvas (12.9 "x 19") using a border is $22 for 100-200 prints and $19 for each print after the 200. Giclee or digital fine art printing with Claria Photographic 6 color ink on A-3 Epson Matte Heavyweight Premium Presentation Paper (167 g/m2) or Lomond Matt paper, A-3, 230 g/m2 . The artist will oversee the production and printing, sign, and number each print. 

If you cannot agree to these prices, then you need to tell me what each print would cost.  The quality of the print must be archival. If you would use a different ink or media, please explain and as long as it is comparably archival, I am fine with it.

There are some caveats.
I will own unconditionally all drafts and final scenes outright, free and clear, once you are paid. Each final scene will need to be provided in the following formats, jpeg, tif, and pdf and with a preferred density of 300 dpi or with sufficient pixels (where applicable) to print a pristine image of 24 x 30 inches.

Be warned - I am picky and it often takes a couple of revisions before a scene is finalized. Furthermore, I require that you print each scene revision, number it, enter its creation date, and initial/sign it. In addition to your fee for creating the final scene, I will pay postage and $25 total, whether there are two or ten, revisions. Again, you will be paid in full for creating the final scene, this is just an extra and it need not be printed on archival paper.

You will get credit for your art on my website or (Wizard Was Odd Squad) and if Kickstarter is successful, in the digital and printed books.

In that the second book deviates significantly from the first in that it has a dark side, I reserve the right to use more than one artist to create different characters and scenes. Dark art is a talent and not all artists are good at it.

In that some of the characters have been created, it will be necessary to emulate those characters in the scenes that you create. I will also consider revisions to some of the characters that have been created.

I am including some of the scenes that have been created so you can get a flavor of the style thus far. Only scenes for Book One, Toto's Tale have been created and I need two more scenes close to this style to complete the art for this book. Therefore, I can go with a different artist and style for the second book, however, I do like the style that has been created. 

Finally, I am also attaching a number of Word files for scenes in Book One. Please provide a quote for your fee and if applicable, fees for revision, character creation, and anything else you might charge for.

In addition to your fee, please send or direct me to any digital art that shows your style. Particularly, if you have anything close in style to the scenes I am sharing. 
Some of the Word files which describe the scenes I wish to have drafted, begin with a "2". These are scenes from Book two. No scenes from Book Two have been created, so if you can't emulate the existing style, consider drafting one of these. If you can emulate the present style, then, I suggest you consider the Word files without a "2" as these remain undone from Book One.

Again, please review the fine art printing above. I do need a quote - and I need that to be as low as possible because it is for a fundraiser and if your numbers are too high, I have no choice but to disqualify you no matter how good you are. You can quote prices in the hundreds as my current artist has done.

Good Luck!




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