Another Quote Misquoted and more...

Today I get my a quote back from one of my five printers. It looked really good until I read the page count. It had the right number of sheets, but not pages. So I verified.

"So sorry, I misunderstood." I learned from the last quote to make this clear. I did...but sh... happens. So my nice reasonable quote will change once the page count doubles.

_______________________ and now point to on hostbaby.  I have to figure out how to get my emails working.


Trying to work around International Shipping - sent this to a printer I use in my other business:

Dear Kelsi,
Last year I completed two parts of a trilogy. I hired an artist and he is drafting scenes for me which I intend to use as archival quality limited edition prints as part of a Kickstarter fund raiser. I am attaching a spec sheet on samples of the paper that I would like to use. There are certain Epson inks that are archival (pigmented). I understand that I would have to provide the paper and ink product or pay for it as an up charge.  
It may be that your printers use a different ink and that is fine as long as it is pigmented or a product that will last as long as the paper. There could easily be a few thousand of these high end prints - the A3 and A4 that you quoted me on recently in addition to poster quality.
If this is something you can tackle, can we talk about it. If not, who in the area might you recommend?
In addition to the link to Epson paper, I am attaching a sample of  what you would be printing on A3-A4

 She could not help, but turned me onto someone else.


Jessica is working away at transferring my Ruslan activity, but not all of images downsized with the program I used. So when I looked up where she was because she was having an issue, I noticed this and she is now resizing them. She has been sick and worried that I will think ill (heh, heh) of her but this is not urgent and she is conscientious.


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