A Matter of Opinion...

Hello Bob, I have to criticize the layout of the text in the cover. One feels that the design is not your profession. 1) the location of the letters and words, one under the other against the rules of the book design. Words must be placed from bottom to top and from left to right; 2) the shape of the letters E and Y in "PEEKY" - it is nasty taste; 3) it is better not do the letters blown from the Wizard's mouth - it will not be read easily; 4) "TOTO's TALE" too overlaps the image; 5) if to put "The Wizard was Odd Trilogy" at the bottom, the lighting instead of "Z" will go into the ground. I will think how to arrange the text correctly and harmoniously.



 OK. I will see what u come up with. Thank you for your candor. Bob, I made the design. It is attached. This style and the accents match to the overall style. "The Wizard Was Odd" is an important part of the design due to lightning, so I made it bigger. Hope you will like it. Best regards, Ruslan


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