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Thanks for checking me out. My name is Peeky aka Bob Moyer. I came by this name from my granddaughter. When she first was able to talk, she called me Peeky, no one knew why, but the name stuck. Now that Madeline is six, she insists that Peeky is a perfectly fine pen name. In that it makes little sense to argue with women and children, I readily agreed with her suggestion.

Other than that, I am part owner of The Vanguard Management Group located in Tampa, Florida. Enough about me, really, but there is more on Facebook if you insist.



Ruslan Vigovsky - Cover, Character, and Scene Artist.

Ruslan Vigovsky is an Ukrainian artist, born in Kiev in 1967. From early childhood, he studied art at the Drawing Studio, children's School of Arts. He graduated from the State School of Art in 1985 and continued his education in art graphics in department of the Polygraphic Institute in Kyiv.

Ruslan has honed his craft and after many years, he is proficient in many different techniques: traditional and digital. His art works are in many private collections around the world.

Ruslan Vigovsky has participated and continues to participate in international art projects, exhibitions, and competitions and was awarded prizes.

I am very appreciative of Ruslan's patience and expertise. I have learned a good deal from him about printing a quality digital art product with considerable longevity. Another thing that I like about him is that he has a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of his work where I as a layman tend to be focused on parts rather than the whole.

Character and Scene Development contains our discussions, opinions, disagreements, and accomplishments. It also contains images, both that we created and those that I would pull in to help me convey what my words could not - a picture is worth a thousand words....

Anna Shpylevska - Scene Artist

Anna Shpylevska is an Ukrainian artist who loved to draw since early childhood. Though the way to the professional work as an artist
was long. Anna graduated from Kyiv Institute of International Relationships and worked as a producer with commercials and
feature films. After realizing that drawing was still the only passion, she decided to devote more time to it.

Eventually moving to SA, Anna graduated from School of Art and Design in Johannesburg as an illustrator and concept artist. She still
spends most of her time developing her skills - both in digital and traditional art.
You may see more of Anna's art on her Instagram page: