Sep, 3 Ruslan Vigovsky


I changed the text in the Henry scene as you asked. It is attached.

Since you do not say anything about the new changes in the sketch, I am going to start on the drawing to the Jack Musical scene on the basis of the last sketch, were Jack is depicted with his raised hands.

Please send me an information on the next scene.




Sep, 4 Peeky


I did reply but am not near a computer to find it. Log on to guru and check the message stream.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!




Sep, 5 Ruslan Vigovsky



I made a drawing to Jack music scene. It is attached. Hope you will like it.
Of course, in color will be more details and effects.

Meanwhile, it would be good if you send the text to the next scene.




Sep, 5 Peeky


This looks good...but his mouth should be a lot bigger, throat thicker...Can you sketch out just this part of him so I do not waste your time.  Your image is really great and if you can capture his emotion with his weird facial features that will even be better.  I understand that the girls will be more distinct.

I have a couple of images to consider and we have this hurricane possibly coming at us so it may be a few days on the next one...

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!






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