Thanks Ruslan, Nice start - comments follow.

Gizzards -
I would like to see a high stack, a triangular stack of gizzards. perhaps Toto pulling one out with his mouth in the middle of this back, and them starting to Tumble. I am sending a link that shows you images of gizzards as the detail when colored will make a difference.

Image of gizzards

Jumberello Night Scene

I would like this to be a horizontal scene and about the heavens and jumberello.  This scene takes place with them on a jumberello floating over the gorge with jumberello above, below and outward and the vast star studded universe above - the stars could be the only clue that separate land from sky.  I would like it very close to the script as described earlier with characters on a jumbrerello looking very small against this great canvas of the heavens.




Jul, 20  Ruslan Vigovsky



Okay I will do these changes. Please send the image again. It is not attached.

Jumberello Night Scene.
I will do another composition. Since the characters will be very small,  I will show their silhouettes.
Are they all on the same Jumberello or on several?

Appearance of Uncle Henry and Aunt Em.
I attached two versions of rough schematic composition to the scene. Since you asked that the aunt and uncle materialize on the land and need to depict faces of the main characters, I can show them in the first variant from the back, and in the second variant from the side. What variant do you choose?




Jul, 20 Ruslan Vigovsky




I changed the sketch for the Gizzards scene. It is attached. Of course, in the drawing everything
will look more in detail, including the gizzards. Please send the image you mentioned.
I'm also waiting for the answer to the previous message.






Jul, 20 Peeky


OK I really would like a higher rectangular mound with most of the mound retaining it shape yet crumbling as he pulls one out in his mouth. perfect otherwise





Jul, 20 Peeky


Jumberello - I will answer the one about em and henry in a bit.

There are four jumberello - one william, one with Jim and the manticore, and one with the tin man. and one with Dororthy, scrobins, toto, Jack, and tee.  You need not show all four jumberello, but should show the one with Jack and if showing a second, then the one with Jim and manticore. If you do not show all four then you might want to position this manticor on the canvas so that they are closer to an edge which would reflect the other two just not yet coming into view



Jul, 20 Peeky


Chris saying should have pretty much three characters. Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, and Dorothy. if in the background, you want to show another character or two, it can be the Manticore and Chip Chopper. We don't need a table and a Tribunal. scene should show expressions and appropriate body language of Uncle Henry, Aunt Em and Dorothy along with applicable facial expressions. They should be facing one another with or so that the body language and facial expressions of all three are apparent to go along with the matching text thank you. I hope this answers your question because you are moving along at a great pace and I do not want to slow you down.



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