My Yellow Brick Road


The Challenge...


 2020 marks the 120th anniversary first publication of The Wizard of Oz.

I hope to draw upon the support of the Kickstarter Community to get The Wizard Was Odd manuscripts into digital publication  by year-end and then into the hands of one million readers by year-end 2019





This Website...


Is not about The Wizard Was Odd is about the journey. 



One day, in 2012, my wife and I had a very busy week, shared little time together, and were out for our Friday night, "date night". As we drove to our destination, I glanced lovingly in her eyes and said, “So Toto, how is Dorothy?”


Perhaps that wasn’t the best way to start the evening, but it did get me thinking. How would Toto describe his experience in Oz…after all he was a feisty little dog… From that fountain of folly, the book was born.


After two and a half years of biweekly critiques and suggestions from my book review group, I completed manuscripts for books one and two of The Wizard Was Odd series in October 2014. The Wizard Was Odd is a new twist on an old favorite… The novel retains a skeletal similarity to Baum's original work in that this troop of radical oddballs, travel the yellow brick road seeking special favors from that notorious Wizard of Oz.


This adaptation is narrated by Toto, the troop’s self-appointed leader. What begins as a lighthearted rendition, a parody, grows into its own skin quickly with an updated original cast, the addition of a twisted plot, and a host of other wondrous quirky social misfits. Though this adaptation lacks the sexual imagery of Gregory Maguire’s Wicked, it is more sophisticated than the original by L. Frank Baum. Its length, with 200,000 plus words, the complexity of its multidimensional plot, and its endless tongue-in-cheek humor will keep young adults and adults young at heart laughing out loud. The reader can expect an invigorating and imaginative spin on those memorable and historical aspects of Baum’s Oz, but with extensive original content by way of topography, emotionalism, plot, characters, and perils.

What is The Journey...

It is my daily pilgrimage where I shall draw upon the support of the Kickstarter Community to get The Wizard Was Odd manuscripts into digital publication and then into the hands of one million readers by year-end 2019


Behind me...

  • Two parts of this trilogy have been written. The first is called Toto's Tale and the second is called Trail of Tears. The two manuscripts conclude and complete one saga with a total word count of 208,000.
  • Paid for a professional critique (same as a substantive, content, or developmental edit)
  • Working with social media firm to help me out
  • Started a Facebook Author's page
  • Researched Kickstarter components (crowd funding platform)
    • Procedures
    • Rewards for patrons
    • Initiated set up
  • Secured the URLs:,, and
  • Designed cover art for both paperback books, two limited edition hardbacks, and two commemorative gold hardbacks
  • Commissioned artist to draft Facebook cover, Kickstarter cover, and this cover image
  • Designed and commissioned map of Western Oz
  • Selected scenes from the manuscript for illustration
  • Worked out an agreement with the artist that I own 100% of all rights to the art to use as I please.
  • Guided artist on scene and character digital art image development
  • Commissioned character sketches, b/w, sepia, and full color renderings.
  • Completed four scenes for sample illustration for Kickstarter venue and also to be offered as Kickstarter rewards as Giclee
  • Incorporated developmental communications and draft-developmental maps of Western Oz
  • Incorporated developmental communications and drafts of characters and scenes for this site
  • Recording daily activity of any related actions with respect to the map of western Oz and much of the scene and character art


Kickstarter (as of 03/20/17)

I am implementing a Kickstarter program for public awareness and crowd funding

  • Kickstarter is being presented in English and Spanish
  • Video completed - English Dialog; Spanish sub-script
  • The first twenty chapters in English are provided for sampinge
  • The first eight chapters in Spanish are provided for sampling
  • Determining reward offerings and their requitred contributions has been completed
  • Completed Kickstarter setup
  • Completed Kickstarter web pages
  • Have commissioned four scenes of sixteen scenes offer as a sampling of archival quality (Giclee) rewards
  • All scenes will be incorporated into the books.

To Be Done

  • Kickstarter corporate approval
  • Launch 30 day Kickstarter platform


Post-Kickstarter with Successful Platform

  • Commission final 12 scenes for the novels and limited edition prints
  • Manuscript to a Copy Editor
  • Final Proof reading
  • Literary reviews
  • Digital and printed formatting and layout of limited edition novels
  • Creating and systematizing archival limited edition prints
  • Set up digital E-reader formats
  • Ordering limited edition novels for Kickstarter Patrons
  • Processing and delivery of limited edition prints to patrons
  • Professional assistance in developing social media awareness platform
  • Digital downloads to 1,000,000 readers before December 31, 2019


In closing,  The Journey will be unorthodox and unique. Each day will bring its challenges: creating an awareness, raising funds and public interest with Kickstarter, dealing with the "art" of scene images, ensuring that limited edition books and prints are of archival quality, negotiating their cost, and of course, getting the first two books of the trilogy into circulation and in the hands of 1,000,000 readers. There is so much to do and with a deadline of December 31, time is of the essence. I invite you to join me. When the road comes to an end, you will have either the energy and motivation to self-publish... or the common sense and wisdom to run from it.  



Bob Moyer

AKA Peeky (Author)


Note: I derive my income from a property management business. It pays my bills and the approximately $15,000 outlay that I have spent as of 03/20/17.  Several months ago, my business experienced tremendous growth and I have had to put this on the back burner.  Since and during that time, I developed some additional art scenes, worked out the Spanish translation through a translator and moved forward at a very slow but inconsistent pace.  The time I had to update the blogs in this site went by the wayside. Once I engage Kickstarter, I will resume blogging as I have a grave responsibility to those patrons who have entrusted me with their contributions.  Peeky 03/20/17.